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Building nanoclusters

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  • Maitrayee Ghosh 3 years ago

    Is there a way to build nanoclusters?

  • Materials Square 3 years ago

    The steps differ according to the size or shape of the cluster system.

    Please follow the steps if you want to build a nanosphere.

    1. Make a unit cell

    2. Clone that to the proper size

    3. Go to 'Select' setting tab and select 'Sphere' mode.

    4. Set the center position cartesian coordinate.

    5. Click 'Get position from input' button.

    6. Select the 3rd method: The reverse mode (complement set AC)

    7. Click and drag at the 'Visualizer canvas'

    8. Unnecessary atoms will be selected. Click keyboard 'Delete' key.

    9. Now a Nanosphere has been made.


    I'll upload a clip video for this soon.

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