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About "fix setforce“

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  • 无心之狮觉 1 year ago

    If a surface is made to have zero force (and its velocity is also zero) with the fix setforce command, do the forces between the atoms on this surface and other atoms still exist?

  • 유맑음 1 year ago


    Yes, it is. The interaction is still considered, although the atoms are fixed.

    But generally, people fix the several layers from the bottom and allow movement for the surface.

    Could you let me know why do you fix the surface atoms?

  • 无心之狮觉 1 year ago

    Okay, I get it, thanks.

    I want to fix the surface atoms because this surface is the surface of a carbon tube and I want to fix this tube without moving.


  • Maria 1 year ago

    hi pls help me find a Stillinger-Weber Potential on Silicon -Hydrogen..thanks


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